Life lessons I've recently learned

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

This past Sunday as I was attending my church I came to the realisation of a lesson I had learned. Later that day I had a strong impression to read something personal of mine, I began to ponder and think about my life and where I was headed.

I want to share my thoughts on the lesson. The teacher wrote three groups of words on the chalkboard (I am not sure why but our church still insists on building chalkboards) She wrote: Divine nature & individual worth, Becoming and Joy. She then asked us to think about what those words mean to us? What do you think of? After reading several passages from recent general conference talks I began to have a burning but joyful feeling in my heart. I felt strongly prompted to share what I was thinking. I was reminded of a time last year where I was stuck in a rut to say the least, It was a very hard time in my life. I wasn't making the best choices and frankly I just wasn't happy.
My mum said to me (important*) that I cannot say I want to be a type of  person when I am living and making choices that do not lead me to that destination of 'person'.
I will not forget this part either. She said "you have a sweet spirit within you" and she continued to tell me how I am that sweet spirit but I have to make good decisions.


This word really hit me. In a good way. We have the potential to be and to achieve whatever we want in this life. For me, in this situation I desire to become a beautiful, spiritual daughter of God. To become so full of light and happiness. If I am to become this person I need to start making decisions that lead me to this goal

In my experience I have never achieved something great without putting in hard work. Success is not going to come by prayer alone or wishing and hoping good karma will come to you.  It requires work. Things won't always be easy, but they will be worth it!

Sincerely, Ayesha xo

The brows

Monday, February 6, 2017

Even before having 'perfect' eyebrows became popular or as I would describe a sort of fad, I had compliments on my eyebrows. Which at the time I thought a rather odd compliment to give someone. I still remember the day I was working reception at the hair salon at age 18 and a guy told me I had nice eyebrows as he paid for his bill. Like excuse me?

Today, I would say it is more likely one of the best compliments to give someone, even more so than someone's outfit or hair! You see cosmetic companies like Benefit splashing their brow products in your face that it almost makes us think we need to have good brows or we will feel left out! I even see articles and memes like  'How to judge a personality by their eyebrows' type of thing.

Despite the material-ness of the subject, we all want to have that perfect brow. Let's admit it.
These are the products that I use:
Anastasia dipbrow pomade in chocolate $23
I bought mine at Sephora and I use it everyday. I find the product really does go a long way since I have only used 1/4 of the product and it has been just over a year since I purchased it.

I loved using brow wiz but I found that the product finished way to soon for how much it cost. I also like the pomade better for the way it applies.

Sincerely, Ayesha xo

Products I love

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Most of these products are hair related and I am obsessed with them! Last year i was a hair stylist at a salon that carried the Davines line and after all the many products i have used I love their stuff!

Starting from left to right.
Your Hair Assistant-definition mist
First off, this smells incredible and I will say that it does create a huge cloud after a few sprays. This product is to create that 'day after' effect of texturised tousled hair which I have found to be a current hair trend. I don't find this too heavy and if you live in humid climate it is also great for that too!

OI Absolute Beautifying Potion
This product creates shine and softness to the hair and is great for detangling. I have used many oils especially in my teens as I have naturally curly and frizz prone hair. Most oils i have tried tend to leave a greasy residue and this product almost seems as if the hair is absorbing the product which leaves the hair feeling soft but not greasy!

OI All In One Milk
If I could rate my favourite hair products in order, than this would be #1! I cannot rave enough about how incredible this stuff is! I spray this in small sections on my hair when it is still wet and then comb through. I try to focus more on the ends as this is where my hair is the most dry and damaged. This leaves my hair feeling soft, shiny, silky and is GREAT for detangling blonde fine hair. When I use this on clients I honestly use it on everyone even if their hair feels healthy. I could not live without this.

Living Proof- Full dry volume blast
This product could be compared to the Davines definition mist. I find this one to add more volume and texture and hold whereas the definition mist has more shine and softness. So depending on what look you are going for would determine which of the two to chose from. I use this when my hair is few days old and feeling flat and I want to add some life back into it.

Invisible No Gas Spray
Usually I am not a huge fan of perfumed products but the Davines hairsprays all smell amazing. Maybe it is just me but they smell like yummy marshmallows! Anyways...this is a wet hairspray and after my hair is blown dry i section of my hair and spray once per section of hair I am about to curl. This helps hold the curl and helps it last all day! This is a great product for those people with fine limp hair that can never get their style to last!

Living Proof- Restore instant repair
With my experience and hair knowledge, I don't actually believe it is possible to 'mend' split ends but you can certainly use products to help them feel better. If you look on their website they list the benefits if you are interested. I use this when my hair is damp and I take two pumps and work it in my hands before applying it to just the ends of my hair. Living proof also has some lovely scented products!

Mac Extreme Dimension Lash
This mascara is actually the first ever Mac mascara that I have tried, as I usually tend to go for the cheaper ones. And of course taking advantage of my mac pro card! So far I am loving the way that it applies which is not clumpy at all! I also find that it does indeed make my lashes appear longer which is always a bonus! I got mine in extreme black.

Mac Shadescents- Candy Yum Yum
Mac usually carries its one regular perfume, but recently they came out with Shadescents which has a selection of their top lipstick sellers and they created a matching fragrance in what they thought it would smell like. I AM OBSESSED. The scent to Candy Yum Yum is exactly how you would imagine it by the name! Seriously go check it out. And not a bad price either!

These are all products that I use on a regular basis and I am glad I could share with you guys.

Sincerely, Ayesha xo

January update

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Hello Lovelies!

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about myself and what I have been up to this month! This week has been hectic for me as my parents have abandoned us to go to the land of America (U.S) and they have left me to play the role of mum. For those of you who don't know I am the second oldest of six children. Yes i know what your are thinking! That is a LOT of children and it is indeed. My oldest sister no longer lives at home so that leaves myself and the four younger kiddies. SO i have been doing the school duties, after school activity duties, cooking, cleaning, entertaining, calming them down etc etc. Its been a lot of fun and a lot tears. Its day four. And four more to go...
In all seriousness though I have come to appreciate my mum so much for how much of her time is dedicated to her children. And to be actually honest (beside me taking a moment to whine) I have really enjoyed playing the role of mum and I have learnt a little more about my siblings and we have really bonded!

SO now you have all heard about my hectic week let's talk more about my life and the changes that have been happening.

Job ramble
Another fact about me is that my occupation is that of a hairdresser. I am 21 and i have been doing hair for four years. I started out in high school in the cosmetology program and have worked at a salon ever since. Recently i decided to make a bold decision and take a break from doing hair. I found an "easy" going job at Topshop and recently my seasonal position just ended.
I WILL NEVER WORK RETAIL AGAIN! And if you are reading this and currently do I honestly praise you. That crap is brutallll. And possibly because it was the Christmas season and possibly because people are just savages when it comes to shopping. I actually think it would have been better if I had just been jobless as i spent all my money on their clothes. (p.s I might to a haul soon). I feel so guilty I never want to step foot in a mall ever again....
Okay that was a bit dramatic but seriously guys sometimes people are mean just because you are an employee..

The actual news
Now the part that I have been waiting to tell you. I got a new job! whoop whoop! And this time back doing what I love. It is a brand new salon and it will be opening on the 10th of February. I will be doing a separate blog post about the salon when it opens and hopefully some snazzy pictures etc. Since my seasonal job ended literally after new years and my new one is a month away from that I have been enjoying some free time to myself (:.
Now the second exciting part I wanted to tell you. With this free time I decided it was about time I crack down on my fitness regime. I hope you guys don't think I am a loser for saying this but I hope you can relate. I have been obsessed with a famous fitness you tuber and Instagram guru Tammy Hembrow. She is a BABE. I admire her so much in how fit she is and also raising two babies and not to mention her amazing booty. I just want to be her...OK i said's out now. Anyways following her has inspired me to be more fit! For the past three weeks I have been going to the gym 5 days a week. I have been using the Kayla Itsinis (also another person I am obsessed with) fitness app and also incorporating my own workouts from Tammy's YouTube videos. I have honestly never felt more happy and good about myself than I have in these three weeks. Before I was always making excuses that I was too tired/did not have any energy to go to the gym etc. I have heard people say that being fit gives you more energy but I kind of didn't believe it until now. But it is SO true. I feel like I can do so much with my day now and I also just feel a lot more confident about my body and myself and that is a miracle for any woman. We as women are always so critical towards ourselves and it is really sad tbh. I ordered some WomensBest products to try so when that arrives I will do a product review and also maybe a progress picture? maybe??
I hope you guys enjoyed my essay of a blog post and hopefully when I get the hang of this I will do more frequent posts.

Sincerely, Ayesha xo


Hello all!
I'd first like to say welcome to my blog and thank you for being so wonderful enough to read this! I am so excited to start writing and letting my thoughts run wild. I decided to start this blog for
 many reasons. I've always enjoyed writing and talking (even though if you met me you wouldn't think so at first) I also am beginning a new chapter in my life where I want to learn all things HAPPY and embrace life. I hope to gain more confidence in myself and hopefully share a good light to others reading this.
That is all for today.

Sincerely Ayesha xo
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