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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Most of these products are hair related and I am obsessed with them! Last year i was a hair stylist at a salon that carried the Davines line and after all the many products i have used I love their stuff!

Starting from left to right.
Your Hair Assistant-definition mist
First off, this smells incredible and I will say that it does create a huge cloud after a few sprays. This product is to create that 'day after' effect of texturised tousled hair which I have found to be a current hair trend. I don't find this too heavy and if you live in humid climate it is also great for that too!

OI Absolute Beautifying Potion
This product creates shine and softness to the hair and is great for detangling. I have used many oils especially in my teens as I have naturally curly and frizz prone hair. Most oils i have tried tend to leave a greasy residue and this product almost seems as if the hair is absorbing the product which leaves the hair feeling soft but not greasy!

OI All In One Milk
If I could rate my favourite hair products in order, than this would be #1! I cannot rave enough about how incredible this stuff is! I spray this in small sections on my hair when it is still wet and then comb through. I try to focus more on the ends as this is where my hair is the most dry and damaged. This leaves my hair feeling soft, shiny, silky and is GREAT for detangling blonde fine hair. When I use this on clients I honestly use it on everyone even if their hair feels healthy. I could not live without this.

Living Proof- Full dry volume blast
This product could be compared to the Davines definition mist. I find this one to add more volume and texture and hold whereas the definition mist has more shine and softness. So depending on what look you are going for would determine which of the two to chose from. I use this when my hair is few days old and feeling flat and I want to add some life back into it.

Invisible No Gas Spray
Usually I am not a huge fan of perfumed products but the Davines hairsprays all smell amazing. Maybe it is just me but they smell like yummy marshmallows! Anyways...this is a wet hairspray and after my hair is blown dry i section of my hair and spray once per section of hair I am about to curl. This helps hold the curl and helps it last all day! This is a great product for those people with fine limp hair that can never get their style to last!

Living Proof- Restore instant repair
With my experience and hair knowledge, I don't actually believe it is possible to 'mend' split ends but you can certainly use products to help them feel better. If you look on their website they list the benefits if you are interested. I use this when my hair is damp and I take two pumps and work it in my hands before applying it to just the ends of my hair. Living proof also has some lovely scented products!

Mac Extreme Dimension Lash
This mascara is actually the first ever Mac mascara that I have tried, as I usually tend to go for the cheaper ones. And of course taking advantage of my mac pro card! So far I am loving the way that it applies which is not clumpy at all! I also find that it does indeed make my lashes appear longer which is always a bonus! I got mine in extreme black.

Mac Shadescents- Candy Yum Yum
Mac usually carries its one regular perfume, but recently they came out with Shadescents which has a selection of their top lipstick sellers and they created a matching fragrance in what they thought it would smell like. I AM OBSESSED. The scent to Candy Yum Yum is exactly how you would imagine it by the name! Seriously go check it out. And not a bad price either!

These are all products that I use on a regular basis and I am glad I could share with you guys.

Sincerely, Ayesha xo

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